3 Different solutions for specific needs


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3 soluzioni diverse per specifiche esigenze

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A For fast and sure result “DIY do it yourself”we provide pre-cut corners and pre-bracket gutters to allow easy installation.


B For warehouses and retailerswe offer ready and fast tinsmithery products, guaranteed by our technology, which allows direct production from coils.


C For the most demanding situations, we have our specialized staff (supported by our own aerial platforms) for a complete supply and installation service, guaranteeingthe quality of the result with our expertise.

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We produce profiles of every type, material and size (max length up to 8000 mm) and color in relation to the client’s needs; some of the profiles most used in solving the frequent needs are reported below.

  • Important element in the design and construction of a gutter  is the development, that is the overall width of the flat metal laminate necessary for the construction of the profile.

    It must be determined not only according to architectural and aesthetic needs, but also functional: in relation to the surface of the roof, the rainfall rate of the location area, which varies on average (for example in Italy ) from 1 mm / min. to 5 mm / min.

    The capacity of a roof is determined by calculating:

    Q = K x S x I with: Q = flow rate l / min

    S = horizontal projection of the roof in sq m

    I = rainfall intensity liters / min / sq m

    K = 2 safety factor which considers snow, hail and debris

    The following formula is used for sizing the gutter :

    Strickler formula V = C x R 2/3 x i 1/2


    V = water speed in the gutter C = coeff. of roughness (100 with R <1 m)

    R = hydraulic radius = ratio between area and wet contour of the gutter cross section

    i = slope of the bottom of the gutter (%)

    equaling the roof flow rate to that of the gutter

    the eaves section is obtained as a function of the roof surface for assigned I and i.



We produce circular, square, rectangular sections in all materials, in seamed (internal fold-away seam) or electro-welded execution.


Super Canali snc has a wide availability of any tinsmithery accessory to complete any sheet metal work.

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