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Construction &
Architectural tinsmithery and sheet metal work

Industry &
Advanced Sheet Metal Solutions:

Presentation of the NEXTH Project with the Official Visit of the Governor Tesei.

The Morelli company skills find their pinnacle in the design and construction of NEXTH aircraft, NEXTH, (www.aeroandtech.com), an innovative Light Sport Aircraft with metal construction entirely built in the company, with processes of:
  • Sheet metal cold forming
  • Fiber laser cutting
  • TIG welding
  • CAD CAM milling

The Company

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The company Super Canali snc has developed in 40 years of activity a unique know-how in the sector of construction – ⁣industrial and architectural tinsmithery and sheet metal work capable of effectively satisfying every need.
To that experience is added the strong desire to better serve its customers with an increasingly advanced and competitive technology:

  • longitudinal and transversal cutting lines with flattening
  • press-bending and rolling centers up to 8 m
  • bordering
  • punching and stamping
  • profiling lines for gutter channels, downpipes, metal chimneys
  • fiber laser cutting center
  • milling center
  • polyurethane injection line

only in this way, as direct producers, can the quality of the product and the timeliness of the just-in-time service be guaranteed.

Professionalism and competence confirmed by the company certification achieved with the severe German TUV. 

A reliable and present structure, operating in ISO9001 Quality, the first in the sector in Italy, complete design-production-installation cycle, with CE marked products under the FPC Factory Process Control regime with the partner TUV.

In the company, sensitivity to environmental sustainability has always been a priority, all the energy necessary for the activities is fully guaranteed by the 1 MW Maria Galassi Photovoltaic Park.

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Metal Roofing Super Canali the value of an aesthetic choice..but first of all functional: lighter, safer, more resistant over time.


Our design and manufacturing potential allow the execution of copper and metal  roofings in the different types, obtaining an optimal result given by a reasoned consultation of technical and aesthetic solutions, guaranteeing:

  • impermeability to water infiltration,
  • resistance to the action of winds,
  • compensation for possible thermal expansion,
  • reduction of maintenance costs over time

thanks to the technology used, both in residential and commercial and industrial construction.
The types of metal roofing are:

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Super Canali & the Designer

The crucial point of any sheet metal construction is the design phase, the engineering of the press-folded sheet determines the optimization of the functionality of the profile.

First company in Italy to be certified for “design-production and installation in the tinsmithery”, a sure reference for the designer.

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metal roofings
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Super Canali snc

via Industriale, 4 – 13

06022 Fossato di Vico (PG) 

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Tel.: +39 075.914.92.94  / +39 075.914.92.17

Technical Office and Production:

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