Standing seam metal roofing

Particularly suitable for situations where the copper roofing  must integrate harmoniously into a well-defined context.

This type of metal roofing is particularly suitable for residential constructions and for renovation works, where the  roofing must be able to integrate harmoniously in a well-defined context without altering its aesthetic-architectural balance.

It is made with a particular standing seam, simple or double, variable in relation to the slope of the supporting substructure, to which the lateral edges of contiguous longitudinal metal sheets are anchored by means of special clips.

The clips (fixed or mobile) are attached along longitudinal lines and then integrated into the roofing with a particular crimping operation performed on the slabs.

The installation technique is the result of 40 years of experience and special technical preparation, such as to guarantee complete impermeability to water, wind resistance and expansion of the material caused by seasonal and daily temperature variations.

The aesthetic result is a surface punctuated by seamed joints that generate light and elegant escape lines parallel to the course of outflow of the roof, giving a sense of robust lightness to the roofing.